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Driving home from college on New Year's Eve, sisters, Nizana and Shira, find themselves stranded with two flat tires at their hometown strip mall. With a couple of hours to kill, the pair wander the abandoned streets of the mall. Exploring their nostalgia, they stumble upon their favorite diner and the laundromat they frequented. 
     While reminiscing in the laundromat, they encounter Mrs. Wonder, an old and mysterious blind woman from their childhood. Mrs. Wonder delivers a riddle, requiring “two pennies in the second washing machine” to take them back in time. Chasing their curiosity, Nizana and Shira solve the riddle which propels them into a bright and sunny reality. Allured by the distant sound of carnival music, the two wind up at the candy shop and begin to feel an eerie sense of déjà vu. 

     Reaching the diner, now bustling with customers, the girls excitedly sit down for a meal. Among the crowd, Shira notices two young girls—their younger selves. The four of them lock eyes and their surroundings begin to rapidly dim and age as this alternate world decays. Young Shira implores them to escape the memory before they get trapped in the past forever. Will Nizana and Shira escape the past or would it be so bad to stay? 

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